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Maroon and Write

Maroon Institute for Writing Excellence (MIWE)

Intensive faculty development for Maroon and Write includes the training of 10-15 faculty members each summer through a program called the Maroon Institute for Writing Excellence (MIWE). The MIWE is designed to provide faculty with an intensive introduction to the use of writing as a pedagogical tool in their classes and to strengthen writing across the curriculum at Mississippi State University. The workshop brings faculty from different disciplines together in a summer workshop that meets approximately 33 hours in the month of June. Participation is open to all faculty with a preference given to those teaching sophomore and junior level courses that have not traditionally had a writing component. Participants will be designated as MIWE faculty and will be expected to teach one QEP course in the following academic year that incorporates some of the WTL techniques and a formal writing component into their designated QEP courses. In addition, MIWE faculty will meet two to three times in the academic year following the summer workshop. These follow-up sessions allow for additional networking among MIWE faculty and provide feedback on the implementation of Maroon and Write.

Participants read core selections from the literature in learning theory, composition theory, cognitive theory, and WTL pedagogical theory. Participants also engage in many of the activities they will incorporate into their classes: journaling, free-writing, peer-evaluation, and the development of reflective essays. The workshop is designed to engage faculty in numerous individual and group activities. Each faculty participant is expected to revise a syllabus for an existing course. The revised syllabus will reflect WTL strategies that support the course learning objectives and incorporate appropriate support and scaffolding for the writing assignment.

Participation in the MIWE will, over time, build a cadre of faculty trained in the use of writing-to-learn strategies. MIWE faculty will continue to contribute to the Maroon and Write program through participation in faculty development activities that allow them to share their experiences and knowledge with their peers and contribute to an ongoing learning community in support of writing across the curriculum at Mississippi State University.

Past MIWE Participants

Class of 2018-2019

  • Ballard, Iva, Marketing, Quantitative Analysis, Business Law
  • Bogue, Patty Ann, Management & Information Systems
  • Fox, Amelia, Plant and Soil Sciences
  • Human, Richard, Music
  • Li, Ling, Biological Sciences
  • Paul, Varun, Geosciences
  • Peterson, Lindsey, Sociology
  • Ralston, Margaret, Sociology
  • Seymour, Michael, Landscape Architecture
  • Tripp, Andrew, Architecture
  • Twietmeyer, Gregg, Kinesiology
  • Wan, Hui, Sustainable Bioproducts
  • Williamson, Gay, Biological Sciences
  • Zimmerman, Matthew, Kinesiology

Class of 2017-2018

Class of 2016-2017

Class of 2015-2016

Class of 2014-2015

Class of 2013-2014

  • LaToya Bogard, English
  • Michael Brown, Music
  • Stephen Grado, Forestry
  • Jamie Larson, Animal and Dairy Science
  • Deborah Lee, Libraries / Maroon & Write
  • Matthew Little, English
  • Robert Moore, Marketing
  • Rick Noffsinger, Agricultural Communications
  • Donald Shaffer, English

Maroon & Write Affiliates

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